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Once upon a time, food saved my life.  After struggling with health issues for years, I found myself in the hands of a Naturopathic doctor who prescribed me a cure:  changing my diet. I was able to completely heal myself and had regained my energy and spark back.  I was amazed at what the power of shifting my diet did for me, and I wanted to share this with others.  My personal healing journey inspired me to become a Nutrition Therapist, and I am now able to help others with their own health journey’s.  In my kitchen I try to keep things simple; I’m a busy lady and don’t have too much time to spend there.  I’m here to share with you some basic tricks I’ve learned over the years on how to eat well and nourish yourself, without compromising time or taste!  

In action

I try to create simple and tasty dishes that contain little to no sugar, dairy or gluten.  Meals that can nourish and satisfy as well as fit into our busy schedules.  

Thanks for reading and I hope I can inspire some tasty dishes in your own kitchen!

 Molly Bea

Other tid-bit’s….

– I practice nutrition with The Nutrition Center of The Berkshires  (click here to set up an appointment ) 
– I shoot with a Canon T3i with 50 mm f/1.4 lens (but I started with a 18-55mm) 
– My current favorite websites are Berkshire Food Web  and Love and Lemons 
– 5 things I always have in my kitchen:  Good olive oil, garlic, fresh herbs, kale, eggs, and lemons.  



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