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Creamy Herb Mayonnaise {for everything!}


Put this on chicken or fish, a dip for veggies or potatoes, or make this a base for your salad. You can’t go wrong with the creamy texture and flavor that the fresh herbs and garlic bring to this sauce.  As you often hear me say, throw in any fresh herbs (a kitchen staple!) that you have on hand. Tarragon gives a subtle, savory twist.  Rosemary creates earthiness. Basil, parsley, and dill for freshness and bite.  Mix and match and don’t be shy.  This sauce is the secret for turning an otherwise boring, say, chicken breast and potatoes dinner, into something much more! 

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Ramp Pesto


In the Ferioli household, it’s been all about ramps lately.  We are eating them like they are going out of style….wait, they actually are!  Ramps (also known as wild leeks, spring onion, wood leek, and wild garlic)  only grow three weeks out of the year.  We are lucky enough to live in New England where they do exist, and we know a secret place where the ramps grow like grass.  Shhhhh……


There’s nothing like foraging for your own food.  That connection, (especially for kids!) of searching, digging, touching, and finally cooking and eating, makes it all so nourishing and just a bit more fun.  


The earlier you pick the ramps, the sweeter they are.  They are delicious in pesto (recipe below), sautéed, or in soups.    Ramps can be eaten in it’s entirety from it’s root (very similar to a leek root) to the leaf which is like spinach but a bit firmer, when cooked.  


Over thirty years ago, when I was a wee child, my parents bought a “fixer-upper” that over they years they have turned into a beautiful home.  It sits upon a few acres and is surrounded by cow pastures.  I grew up with the cows and sheep as neighbors and my dog Zeb, as my playmate.  We did have human neighbors as well, just not that many.  One neighbor, an old man named Mr.Wood, took my father out for a man-to-man nature walk one day.  It was then when he showed my father this place, this really magical, hidden place a couple miles behind our house.  Bordering the mountains and a winding river, lies the ramp forest, quiet and still, untouched.


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Tomato Confit


When I discovered these tomatoes a few years ago, I thought they were brilliant.  So easy yet so decadent and versatile, they make any meal special.  They have become a staple in our fridge ever since.  If Thomas Keller uses it in his restaurant, it has to be good. 

Here are just a few ways you can use these:

On the side of eggs or omelette’s
In soup
On the side of fish, chicken or meat
On a burger
On homemade pizza
Mixed in brown rice or quinoa, or any other grain
Spread on to bread
To finish a sauce

When you are having a large group over for dinner, they make a great addition to the table.


Voila, I hope they will serve you as much as they have for us!  If you have other ideas on how to use them, please comment below!

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