Coconut and Almond Butter Cups


Sometimes I have to wonder about myself.  Here I am trying to be a food-blogger,  and I can’t even record my own measurements.  I guess I’m just an anti-measure-er at heart.  I can just see the critics laughing now, that anti-measure-er, phhssst.  What does she know! Deep down I feel like cooking shouldn’t be soooo calculated.  But let’s face it.  There are times when we must!  You must Molly! I’ve made this countless times by eye-balling the amounts.  In my head saying, that’s about a tablespoon, that looks about a cup.  It’s also way less dishes to clean!  And when is that not a huge plus?  Well, if the bread doesn’t come out or the chocolate is too bitter, I’d be wishing for more dishes.  So, in this case, measurements win.  

Peanut butter cups were one of my favorite candies growing up.  I loved tearing into the bright-orange packaging, discovering the sweet-salty little cup nestled in the brown wrapper.   It was my favorite Halloween candy and the one I always picked out of the pillow case after the festivities were over ( and after my mother thoroughly checked the candy for any “suspicious” packages).    They made for a great frozen treat, as does this substantially-healthier version of them!  


From a nutritional stand-point, I don’t have many bad things to say about these.  In fact, I have none at all.  They are super powerful. They have antioxidant power, mood-enhancing power, crave-arresting, booty-kicking, dance in your underwear-power. They are also known to disappear faster than you can say ‘dance in your underwear’. Sigh. I try to keep a supply in the freezer but to no avail. Thank goodness they are easy to make.

The coconut oil and butter is what gives the chocolate that rich, velvety texture, but it’s also a source of great nutrition.  It’s kind-of hard to think dessert and anti-fungal properties at the same time, but that’s how my weird mind works.  Coconut oil can help fight off yeast, fungus, and other microbes while lowering our bad cholesterol and increasing our metabolism all at the same time.  <Insert emoticon showing super-hero saving the world here>.  It is my super-hero in the nutrition world.  

Then you add a nut butter (I used almond but you can use any), and you get an added protein boost.   The salt is a really important ingredient.  Using a high quality sea-salt will not only add extra minerals, it will give you that highly addictive sweet-salty combination that I am a sucker for.   Fleur de sel works great if you can find it. 


If you have silicone baking cups, they work best for these although you can certainly use regular baking cups.  Silicone offers an easy clean up and is re-usable, making them “green”  but I still feel uncertain about baking with silicone.  For this purpose since I am just putting them in the freezer,  I have a clear conscience.  For more information on the safety of silicone you can click here.


Coconut and Almond Butter Cups
Yields 24
A harmonizing blend of chocolate, coconut and almond butter. It's an evolved Almond Joy.
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  1. Raw Chocolate
  2. 1 cup melted coconut oil
  3. 1/2 cup melted cacao butter
  4. 1.5 cups raw cacao powder
  5. 2/3 cup raw honey
  6. 4 Tbs of Maca powder (can be omitted, substitute for 2 Tbs cacao powder)
  7. 1/2 tsp. flaky sea salt plus extra for garnish
Nut Butter Filling
  1. about 1 cup almond butter
  2. about 1 cup coconut flakes
  1. In a double boiler if you have or in a pan over boiling water, melt the coconut oil and cacao butter.
  2. Whisk in raw honey, and stir until smooth
  3. Add your raw cacao, maca powder, and sea salt.
  4. In silicone muffin cups, pour a small amount of chocolate. Just enough to cover the bottom.
  5. Place in freezer for 15 minutes or until chocolate hardens.
  6. Remove and scoop a small amount of nut butter into middle of the cups, and press with your thumb.
  7. Add the coconut flakes to the top of nut butter, press together
  8. Cover with chocolate and sprinkle the top with sea salt.
  9. Place in freezer and let sit for at least 1 hour.
  1. Must be kept in the fridge or freezer.
  1. - use cashew, peanut, or sunflower butter instead of almond butter
  2. - add chia seeds to almond butter for an extra protein boost and a little crunch
  3. - for more decadence, add a scoop of nutella-like butter in place of almond butter!
Adapted from My New Roots
Adapted from My New Roots
Molly Bea

2 thoughts on “Coconut and Almond Butter Cups

  1. I cannot wait to make these! Peanut butter cups were one of my favorites as a kid, as well. I guess I’ve just been waiting for your recipe to enjoy them again!

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